Privacy & Cookie policy

How Pyrohex uses cookies

This is a condensed version of our cookie policy, you can read it in full here.

Pyrohex uses no tracking cookies on this website. However, if you interact with some features on our website provided by social media, such as; YouTube videos, and Twitter and Instagram feeds, those companies may set cookies on your machine in order to track how you used those features.

How Pyrohex protects your privacy

The following statement quickly informs you of how Pyrohex uses your data if you contact us. You can also read our privacy policy in full.

If you contact Pyrohex via email, social media or any other means, and provide us with personal or non-personal information such as (but not limited to) your name, business / company name, job title, profession or any contact information such as email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses, we will only use this information for the purpose of managing our relationship with you and providing our services. We will never forward your data to a third-party without your permission.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to us using your data, and to request that we delete it at any time. If you would like to do this or have any questions regarding your data, feel free to email us at